Relion rb80 deep cycle lithium battery
Relion rb80 deep cycle lithium battery East Coast Batteries
Relion rb80 deep cycle lithium battery
Relion rb80 deep cycle lithium battery
Relion rb80 deep cycle lithium battery
lithium vs AGM
Relion rb80 deep cycle lithium battery mounted on work ute
rb80 relion lithium specs
rb80 relion lithium specs

Relion 80ah 12v Lithium deep cycle battery

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The 80ah Relion Lithium Deep cycle battery.

Rethink what you thought you knew!!

Buy once, Buy right!

This is one spectacular battery.

This battery does everything better than a AGM deep cycle.

Heres a few points which make us blown away by lithium technology.

More useable power than 120ah AGM which has 60 useable ah , This 80ah Relion has 76 useable amp hrs!!

Looking at upgrading form a AGM? This is the product for you.

*Useable AH, due to it happily discharging to 95% of its capacity

*Insane cycle life 10-30 times even the best brand AGM deep cycle

*Weight a fraction of the weight of traditional lead acid batteries

*common case sizes , direct replacement for existing battery bank (charge system permitting)

*does not sulphate. Can be stored in low state of charge and wont harm battery

*Safe. Battery management system built into battery to protect against over charge and over discharge

*Battery bank can be smaller in physical size then lead acid. Taking up less space in your camper, boat etc

*Unbeatable price per cycle. Due to high cycle life

*The relion brand can be charged by most Projecta 240v charger and DC to DC charger (in agm setting, we also sell all compatible chargers to suit this battery)

*Relion is one of the most trusted names in Lithium Deep cycle.

*3 year replacement warranty

*20 year design life

To get the equivalent useable AH from AGM deepcycle your need close to 150ah and whopping 50 60kg.

Although the AH may seem low, it can be discharged much much lower.

But its not just weight. The specs are out of this world. Approx 17 times more cycle life, if cycled 95-100% discharge vs agm at 50% discharge which is both discharged at they’re maximum recommended discharge.

Specs Below:


Dimensions (L x W x H)

12.0 x 6.6 x 8.6” 305 x 168 x 219 mm


25 lbs (11.3 kg)

Terminal Type


Terminal Torque

80 - 100 in-lbs (9 - 11 N-m)

Case Material


Enclosure Protection


Cell Type - Chemistry

Cylindrical - LiFePO4



Nominal Voltage

12.8 V

Nominal Capacity

80 Ah

Capacity @ 25A

192 min


1024 Wh


30 mΩ



Self Discharge

<3% per Month

Maximum Modules in Series




Recommended Charge Current 40 A

40 A

Maximum Charge Current

80 A

PCM Charge Current Cut-Off

280 A (±50 A)

Recommended Charge Voltage

14.2 V - 14.6 V

PCM Charge Voltage Cut-Off

15.6 V

Reconnect Voltage

15.2 V

Balancing Voltage

14.4 V



Maximum Continuous Discharge Current

80 A

Peak Discharge Current

160 A (7.5 s ±2.5 s)

PCM Discharge Current Cut-Off

280 A (±50 A)

Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect

11 V

PCM Discharge Voltage Cut-Off

8 V

Reconnect Voltage

9.2 V

Short Circuit Protection

200-600 µs



Discharge Temperature

-4 to 140 ºF (-20 to 60 ºC)

Charge Temperature

32 to 131 ºF (0 to 55 ºC)

Storage Temperature

-4 to 140 ºF (-20 to 60 ºC)

PCM High Temperature Cut-Off

176 ºF (80 ºC)




CE (battery)


UN38.3 (battery)


UL1642 & IEC62133 (cells)

Shipping Classification

UN 3480, CLASS 9